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Actuaries are experts in evaluating the likelihood and financial consequences of future events. A pivotal part of their work is the modeling of the size and frequency of insurance claims. With probability models for the claims process in hand, actuaries can compute insurance premiums, determine the amount a company has to set aside in its actuarial reserve to cope with future events, evaluate the risk the company will not be able to meet its obligations, elaborate optimal investment strategies for its assets, or run simulations to compare business strategies or solve otherwise untractable problems.

Base R contains a wide array of functions for probabilistic and statistical models used in actuarial mathematics. Nevertheless, a number of packages have been developed to extend or ease actuarial computations. Due to the intrinsically interdisciplinary nature of actuarial science, this view intersects with other views Distributions, Econometrics, ExtremeValue, and Finance.

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Table of contents

Life insurance

Life contingencies

Mortality laws and prospective mortality models

See also the view Epidemiology for epidemiology topics and the view Bayesian for Bayesian inference.

Survival analysis and portfolio experience

For a general overview of survival analysis, see the view Survival.

Life and pension reserving

Non-life insurance

Loss modeling

The view Distributions provides a detailed list of probability distributions available in base R and CRAN packages. Here we focus only on packages that implement distributions particularly designed for actuarial science.

A priori insurance pricing

A priori insurance pricing consists in fitting two models: one for claim frequency and one for claim severity. Classical pricing models rely on generalized linear models (GLM) that can be fitted in base R using glm.

More advanced statistical models can be found in the views Econometrics and MachineLearning. See also the view Spatial for analysis of spatial data.

A posteriori experience pricing

Claims reserving

Ruin theory

Claims generation

Reinsurance and extreme events

For a comprehensive review of extreme value analysis, see the view ExtremeValue.

Risk measures


Data handling

Mortality databases

Mortality databases are generally provided by demography and/or statistical institutes by each country (see below). However, the Human Mortality Database project at HMD provides a collection of reliable mortality datasets after a careful and very detailed protocol. HMD is a keystone for actuaries to compute reliable mortality/longevity estimates.

Actuarial datasets

Documentation and online courses

See the view TeachingStatistics for usual documentation on teaching statistics.


Actuarial science using R references

Life insurance references

Non-life insurance references

CRAN packages

Core:actuar, ChainLadder, lifecontingencies, mbbefd, MBBEFDLite, ReIns.
Regular:actuaRE, ActuarialM, actuaryr, actxps, AnnuityRIR, apc, atRisk, clmplus, DDPM, Delaporte, demography, eiopaR, ELT, ExtremeRisks, FinancialMath, fitdistrplus, GPRMortality, HMDHFDplus, IBMPopSim, insuranceData, insurancerating, LifeInsuranceContracts, MortalityGaps, MortalityLaws, MortalityTables, MortCast, NetSimR, raw, ruin, SPLICE, StanMoMo, StMoMo, SynthETIC, tweedie, WH.

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